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With a community codeswarm it is also possible to track the development of two projects next to each other.

This "vs. battle" doesn't show code quality and it also doesn't show the real number of lines of code. Instead it only shows the raw number of commits to files.

So it isn't a measure of the projects development speed compared with the other project, but only of the changes in the development style over time compared with the changes in the other.

That said, please have a look at the

Mercurial vs. Git vs. Bazaar code_swarm (updated 2008-12-04).

Mercurial vs. Git vs. Bazaar code_swarm

It shows how each projects evolution changed over time (still without audio and overlays - if you want really nice to watch codeswarms, please visit the code_swarm site and watch the Python code_swarm.

I hope you enjoy it! - Arne

PS: There also now is a dedicated Mercurial code_swarm which includes extensions which aren't yet distributed with Mercurial as well as TortoiseHG.

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